Embodied Knowledge

The way we learn is the way we think of ourselves, the way we have an image of ourselves.

Knowledge is not just an amount of information we remember by heart. It is not only dates, numbers or names. It is about feeling interconnected with others through a melody, a visual image, a plot. In the lines of Mezen design from Arkhangelsk region one can read signs known internationally. Folk tales around the world have the same repeating plots.

The knowledge is in our fingers, our feet, our throat, it is in the language. This knowledge is given to us by our family and the nature. The forum is about rediscovery of the common heritage, it is about the local memory and our own roots which can empower us in the challenging today.

Folk art is being created every day.

The forum is made for people, by people and is about the people. It is about the creative presence of the human in the Arctic Russia. It is also about mutual responsibility, dialogue and peace.


The photo at the webpage is taken by artist Nikolay Shabunin in Mezen and villages around the town in 1906.
© Kunstkamera. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography.