Joana Gelazyte (Vilnius-Oslo)

Joana Gelazyte (Vilnius-Oslo)

Joana Gelazyte is a Lithuanian performer based in Norway since 2012.
She is educated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Lithuania (2005 – 2011).
Since 2014 she has been, a member of Performance Art in Oslo.

Joana also works with vídeo, photography and installations.

“I am creating from direct observation, using information that comes from my immediate experience of seeing. It is the life, clarity, and presence of information at the moment that informs my creative process.

It is a sensitive narrative which based on imagery. My performances float between diverse topics from consumerism and technology to Nature, Baltic tribes, Lithuanian culture and Scandinavian traditions.

I am using my body, the raw materials of nature. Ashes and wood become part of my art, my body and sea fading into one when black and grey became a colorful and deep feeling. Performances with oil relate to the material qualities of itl such as its viscosity, ability to change form, be glossy, float on water or be incredibly slippery. The image finds itself in between a spiritual being and a futuristic alien. Every moment of life is an essential ingredient for my work, so nature and all spiritual atmosphere are parts of my projects. I am working with the tension between culture and nature; I intend to enrich the audience’s experience with new ideas and visual experimentation.”